EdTech Start-up Mastery Portfolio Seeks to Disrupt Traditional Grading System Proving Standards-First Grading is the Future of Education

Mastery Portfolio is growing and continuing our mission to revitalize outdated grading practices putting students progress and achievement first. “Through the standards-first and mastery-focused model championed by the Mastery Portfolio team, the student’s score is not the goal, rather the learning and continuous improvement is the key objective.” Read more using the link below: https://www.wboc.com/story/44335734/edtech-start-up-mastery-portfolio-seeks-to-disrupt-traditional-grading-system-proving-standards-first-grading-is-the-future-of-education

Rebooting the Education System

Episode 68 of the podcast Your Life By Design, hosted by Dr. Sundaras, features Mastery Portfolio’s CEO Constance Borro. In this episode, Rebooting The Education System, Constance shares Mastery Portfolio’s mission to “make the path of learning clear and motivating for kids, teachers, administrators, and parents.” Listen and learn about how Mastery Portfolio began, the […]