Tracking Progress and Metacognition

This week, we’re sharing one teacher’s journey to find tracking systems that work for her high school math class. When technology and the internet make raw information so readily accessible, we as teachers need to shift our focus from teaching content to teaching student how to learn. One of the important aspects in becoming an […]

Ané Ebie-Mouton is a Lead Learner

Born in Chicago Illinois, Ané Ebie-Mouton considers herself an educator vs. a teacher. Teachers dispense facts and figures to prepare students for an end year test. An Educator engages in the act of leading people out of….you name it! ignorance, naivete, sub-consciousness…She also considers herself an active life-long learner, which she feels is the secret […]

Use Problem-Solving to Build Community From Day 1

Photo by Olav Ahrens Røtne on Unsplash

This article was originally published by Edutopia in 2022. “Find a 10-digit number whose first digit represents the number of zeros in the number, the second digit represents the number of ones, and so on, until the 10th digit represents the number of nines.” If this problem is scary, start with an easier version: “Find […]

Setting Goals for the Upcoming School Year

Once the school year is underway, it is easy to fall into routines, get sucked into PLCs, providing feedback on student work, daily lesson planning, and more. We can easily lose sight of our purpose and intentions. Before the students arrive and meetings start to pile up, take a quiet moment to think deeply about […]

Joshua Eyler Builds Bridges Between K-12 and Higher Education

On our most recent episode of Learner Center Spaces we had the opportunity to talk to Joshua Eyler. “Joshua Eyler, Ph.D. is Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning and Director of the Think Forward Quality Enhancement Plan at the University of Mississippi, where he is also Clinical Assistant Professor of Teacher […]

Mastery Portfolio Partners with Phillips Academy Andover to Examine Learner-Centered Assessment Practices

By: Heidi Wall, Assistant Head of the Math Department at Phillips Academy Andover This October, the mathematics, statistics, and computer science department engaged in two full days of professional development focused on authentic assessment and feedback practices that create learner-centered classrooms. Author and chief operating officer, Starr Sackstein, and educator and chief executive officer, Constance […]