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Guaranteed to Increase Student Motivation
Toward Learning

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"My favorite aspect of working with Mastery Portfolio is the team's responsiveness. Questions are always answered quickly, and there is a willingness to work with me and my team where we are. I also appreciate the tagging feature and its ability to capture multiple competencies for any single assessment or assignment. It surprises me that more systems don't do that."
Tyler Haglund
Science Teacher at Apple Valley High School
"It's not only an app- it's a movement toward more equitable educational experiences for all students."
Constance Borro
Founder/CEO of Mastery Portfolio
"It's like a light a switch went on for my student. The MasteryBook gave her personalized feedback on standards so she could set goals and achieve them."
Parent of Grade 6 Student
Columbus, OH
"The MasteryBook is new and bold and taking on the 800-pound gorilla platforms that are clunky for teachers and not kid-focused. They have my vote!"
Startup Entrepreneur
Lewis Center, OH

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How Does the MasteryBook Work with My Current Student Information System?

The MasteryBook is not a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Student Information System (SIS)- you don’t have to replace your current system to add The MasteryBook as a plug in! Get all the below functionality by integrating with your current system:

Feature The MasteryBook Other LMS/SIS
Standards-based gradebook ✔️ ✔️
Ability to run report cards ✔️ ✔️
Align multiple standards to any assignment ✔️ X
Allow students to assess their own mastery of standards ✔️ X
Empower students to build and curate their own portfolios ✔️ X
Turn off averaging and use current mastery for final grades ✔️ X
Customize your language for and number of mastery ratings ✔️ X
Enable students to upload, link, or connect artifacts of learning and other work samples ✔️ X

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