Definition: The practice of developing a shared understanding of what success looks like.

What Makes for Quality Co-Construction of Success Criteria?

Guiding Questions for Co-Constructing Success Criteria:

  1. What examples, exemplars, works-in-progress or models could be used to show students success looks like?
  2. How will students engage in thinking and discussion about the success criteria using examples, etc.?
  3. How will our class organize and refine the success criteria?
  4. How will the success criteria and examples, etc. be available to students as they learn?
  5. How can anchor charts and additional examples, etc. be used to further describe success criteria?

Examples of what it could look like:

  • Example in History
  • Example in Alegebra
  • Check out this article and podcast about co-construction from the Cult of Pedagogy Assess with Respect by Co-Constructing Success Criteria with Students.


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    Also Known As:
    Sharing Clarity, Task Analysis, Setting the Challenge
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