Are You a District or Network Leader?

Are you feeling stuck in a cycle of high commitment and effort by teachers and many students, but stagnant achievement outcomes?
Is your district or network leader asking data-driven questions that are the right ones, but hard for you to answer explicitly?

The Mastery Portfolio Team of experts helps school leaders like yourself achieve a picture of progress while diagnosing areas for improvement so that you become the authority that your teachers need and the effective changemaker that your district leadership comes to rely on.

Leadership Coaching and Consulting

Book our leadership coaching to aid with making decisions about grading and assessment policies focusing on language and full implementation plans to ensure full buy-in from all community stakeholders. Let us help you make this important move. Contact us for your personalized professional learning package based on your specific district/network needs.

Current Practices Needs Assessment

Engage with us for a complete audit of your current practices. We will help you identify the assets in what you are already doing with grading and assessment, and the opportunities for improvement. From there, we will create a strategic plan and implementation timeline together with you and your leadership team to meet your student engagement and student achievement goals.

Meet the MasteryBook

As a district/network, you can sign up for our MasteryBook and help students become fluent in their ability to set standards aligned goals, track their progress on individual standards and reflect on their learning in meaningful ways.

Our Mastery Learning Offerings

Each Professional Service below will provide leaders, teachers, students, and parents an entryway into a more student-centered learning and assessing experience. Additionally, we can incorporate the use of our MasteryBook communication tool which helps teachers share student progress against individual standards. It’s with this tool we can effectively model and transform the way students track their own learning enabling them to set specific, academic goals and relish in the joy of seeing their hard work pay off.


Mastery Portfolio will work with you and your leadership team to customize a professional learning plan that seeks to embed learning not just provide one and done sit and get experiences. We seek to model the instruction we want to help teachers provide in a variety of different ways including full day or half day workshops, instructional coaching and/or expert consulting for leadership teams and committees. So please consider the workshops, but know we can create a personalized learning experience for you and your teachers.