Assessment Practices

Empowering students to take ownership of their learning is what we are all about. If you are looking for workshops, coaching or support that will help your staff shift their mindset around assessment and grading, the following professional learning offerings by our expert facilitators could help.

Rather than just make an assignment to have a grade to put in the grade book, each learning experience should provide multiple pathways to learning where student voice and choice are highlighted in the experience of learning. Participants will take assignments they currently use and rebrand them into deeper, more memorable learning experiences that will target very specific learning outcomes.

Since school needs to be about the learner, it is essential to have learners involved in the development of their learning. By providing ample opportunities for students to partner with their teachers, students will be more likely to buy into the learning. In this workshop, participants will discover ways they can include students in the planning, designing and assessing of their learning experiences.

In this whole-team workshop, teachers and coaches will be able to articulate the three premises of mastery-based grading and describe examples and non-examples. They will work to identify their own values, language, and norms as a community doing this work. They will construct a Grading Philosophy Statement (GPS) that will serve to ground their work in asset-based and standards-based grading and provide a framework for giving and receiving feedback. Space will be held to ask all the difficult questions that must be asked in order to orient our assessment and grading mindset to the North Star of our agreed-upon GPS.

In this workshop, participants will explore their beliefs and values around assessment, including a deep-dive into formative assessment, and what it is (and is not). By reviewing current practices, participants will shift their practice to a more inclusive, student-centered experience that is rich in evidence of learning. This workshop will also address stakeholder buy-in and an understanding of formative assessment through a variety of learning experiences. This workshop also addresses other assessment peripheries like extra credit, late work, homework and other compliance measures that don’t inherently aid in assessment for learning, and how to negotiate those.

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