Professional Services

We believe that when given the tools to assess frequently and equitably, educators will develop the potential of all students.
Don’t let another year go by without your Head of School, District, or Network Superintendent noticing the impact your faculty is having.

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What Do Education Leaders Say About Implementing Standards-Based Grading?

Shifting our assessment practices isn’t just about grading, it’s about assessment design and instructional clarity. To this end, Mastery Portfolio seeks to support your school starting from wherever you currently are in these practices. Making systemic change is hard, particularly as it pertains to implementing a transition that may challenge folks in your community to rethink their own experiences with grading and equity. Let us help you effectively plan, implement and revolutionize the way your school impacts student learning and success.

Our Mastery Learning Offerings

Metacognition is at the heart of all learning. The more aware students are of their strengths and challenges, the more able they are to express what they know and can do, and the more equipped and confident they are to ask for more targeted help. When educators build a culture of clear academic expectations and reflection in their spaces, students are able to set specific goals, reflect on the learning, and then effectively assess themselves against agreed-upon success criteria. This is why so much of our professional learning offerings focus on activating the student in the learning journey and why our MasteryBook software supports tracking of student progress and provides goal setting opportunities.

Systems Change, Policy, and Strategic Planning

As you explore better ways to ensure equitable practices for all students, let us support you with our expertise. We can: