Results with standards-based grading for your community.

Mastery Portfolio is a collection of web-based tools and professional development experiences designed to improve education practices. Our primary application, MasteryBook, revolutionizes how instructors record, assess and view data that is standards-first and mastery-focused. We bring teachers, parents, and students along on the journey together. 

How do we do that? Getting going and maintaining course can be the hardest part of standards-based grading. Our on-site workshop-style professional development offerings, parent workshops, and resources for students are custom designed for your community. Breaking down the barriers to managing standards-based grading is what we do! 

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The Problem

Effective learning requires ongoing and detailed feedback – how can overburdened teachers keep up with these demands?

The Solution

Mastery Portfolio is an easy-to-maintain digital grade book that has mastery feedback built in, making your life easier.

Not exactly sure what mastery learning is? Click here to watch our 3-minute summary video!

Built by teachers, for teachers.

We were founded by three teachers who drew from their collective experience in both adolescent and adult education to create the perfect tool for implementing standards-based grading in your classroom.


Build custom reports from a menu of widgets with our Report Wizard.


Use your own rating scales for mastery feedback.


Stay organized with our multi-tiered nesting layout for curricular outcomes.

Visually Appealing

Easily document mastery data with our beautiful, streamlined interface.


Assign tags and personalized narrative comments on mastery scores.


Mastery Portfolio is mobile-friendly, untethering you from your desk.

Trusted by administrators, teachers, and parents alike.

What do Mastery Portfolio Schools say about us?

Listen to testimonials from teachers, administrators, and parents who’ve experienced the power of consistent, actionable feedback that Mastery Portfolio provides. Watch the burden of grades and ranking be lifted from your students’ shoulders as your classroom transforms into a center for motivation and learning. Click the video to the left to hear how.