Clear, Easy Implementation of Standards-Based Grading

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Tired of feeling like you are in the dark as to what progress your students are making right now? Wishing you could better predict plan for, and get ahead of high stakes assessments and other performance indicators?


Mastery Portfolio is a company for educators, by educators on a mission to inspire creativity and innovation by revolutionizing the assessment and feedback loop. We believe that when given the tools to assess frequently and equitably, educators will develop the potential of all students.
Watch the conversation about student work and progress dramatically shift after your teachers experience our Foundations Day Workshops. Don’t let another year go by without your Head of School or District Superintendent noticing the impact your faculty is having. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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Deepen Reflection, Deepen Learning

Teachers can learn a lot from asking students to reflect and self-assess against the standards and we do the students and ourselves a disservice by not making it an expectation. Perhaps writing a reflection like this isn’t appropriate for every class, maybe a video or voice recording would be better.

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@CoachKCullen I love the power of the word YET. And also my daughter's 1st grade T uses "practice makes permanent" rather than perfect as a shift in thinking about life long learning! #satchat

Standard-based grading and assessment aren't the answer if they aren't being done well. Just like all practices, some are more effective than others. Good data in, good data out and the same is true of bad data that integrates anything compliance based #satchat

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