Born in Chicago Illinois, Ané Ebie-Mouton considers herself an educator vs. a teacher. Teachers dispense facts and figures to prepare students for an end year test. An Educator engages in the act of leading people out of….you name it! ignorance, naivete, sub-consciousness…She also considers herself an active life-long learner, which she feels is the secret ingredient to her continued positionality as an educator and love for education.

In our conversation, Ané described a learner-centered space as one where we center the needs and humanity of students. Focus on who is in your room and work to provide them with “windows, mirrors, and sliding doors”.

Ané also encourages us to be lead learners. Try new things and be transparent with students about what you are doing.

For further learning, Ané recommends following Jacob Moore, Daphane Carter, Tom Oden, Sheila Milner, Dee Alexander, and our very own, Crystal Frommert.

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