Reversing Grading Meltdowns: a MasteryBook User’s Story

Enthusiastically Written and Shared By Jessica Claasse, educator at BEIS Mastery portfolio was introduced to me on the verge of a grading meltdown. I am not sure if that is even a thing. But let’s call it what it is- Grading sucks. If I have to turn the seconds of sleep that I have lost […]

Addressing Pushback in the No-Grades Classroom

Making changes in education is not an easy thing. Most folks are fully willing to continue to participate in the status quo, occasionally questioning something that doesn’t feel quite right but also doesn’t feel wrong enough to actually try something different.

Unlearning Broken Traditions in Service of the Needs of Children

There are many things that need to change in education, but these are simple things we can do in our classrooms every day that start to shift the mindset. Let’s make a new tradition. Leaders, this is really in your hands. Help teachers to feel confident taking these risks. Show them it is okay. Stop talking about test scores and consider what it means to be a lifelong learner.