“Hello. How are you?” with Jesse Stommel

In this episode, we had the pleasure of talking with Jesse Stommel. Jesse talks to us about how a learner-centered space truly needs to start with the student. Teachers shouldn’t over-architecture the curriculum by predetermining learning outcomes, assessments, or measurement criteria. Instead, start with, “Hello. How are you?” and mean it! Truly get to know […]

Make your Classroom “Dynamic” with Jay Percell

Jay C. Percell, Ed. D., is an associate professor in the School of Teaching and Learning at Illinois State University. He teaches literacy and technology integration across the secondary curriculum and serves as the faculty liaison for the ISU Secondary Professional Development School. His research interests include assessment and grading practices, educational technology, and digital […]

Designing a Survey to Better Connect With Students

As the beginning of the year approaches, you may be thinking about your “Get to Know You” Survey. Here are some tips that I curated with help from the GSA at my school. This was originally posted on Edutopia in 2021. What’s your favorite color? What’s your favorite song? We’ve all asked generic questions of this […]

Joshua Eyler Builds Bridges Between K-12 and Higher Education

On our most recent episode of Learner Center Spaces we had the opportunity to talk to Joshua Eyler. “Joshua Eyler, Ph.D. is Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning and Director of the Think Forward Quality Enhancement Plan at the University of Mississippi, where he is also Clinical Assistant Professor of Teacher […]

Mastery Portfolio’s Summer Reading List Has Something for Everyone

During the school year, I have a cycle of starting a book, putting it down for a few weeks, picking it back up, reading a few pages, putting it down again, and repeating. I’m not proud but I acknowledge that our jobs are demanding. When school is in session, I just want to prioritize the […]

Learning Should be like a Carnival, with Aaron Blackwelder

In our most recent episode of “Learner Centered Spaces” we had the amazing opportunity to talk to Aaron Blackwelder. Aaron is a Digital Learning TOSA and coaches boys and girls golf in Southwest Washington. He is the co-founder of Teachers Going Gradeless and educational contributor to Spectrum Life Magazine. Aaron is a Washington State English […]

A Dozen Ways to Learn this Summer

The temperature rises. Students get restless, constantly begging to have class outside. Somehow everything just seems louder. Then, the school year ends and you sigh a long breath of relief. You vow to kick your feet up and relax. “I am not thinking about school until at least August,” you think to yourself.  And yet, […]

Ambassador Post: Shifting the Grading Conversation

By Tyler Haglund, Science Teacher at Apple Valley High School The month is April, and a student walks up to me during independent work time and asks, “Mister, how much extra credit can I get to bump my grade?” This question, as well as many others, was the bane of my existence. How many times […]

Ken O’Connor says “Feedback is the Focus”

Ken O’Connor is an independent consultant on grading and reporting. He has been a professional development presenter in 35 countries outside North America, 47 states in the USA, all provinces and two territories in Canada. His 23 year teaching career included experience as a geography teacher and department head at 6 schools in Toronto and […]

Portfolios Tell a More Robust Story of Student Learning Than Tests Scores Alone

I work with a lot of brilliant students. I’m sure you do, too – students who are articulate, creative, curious, innovative changemakers who will create huge ripples in the world. Annie started the Gender and Sexuality Alliance, Richie volunteered to build a CNC machine for the engineering center, Dannie launched a website to raise awareness […]