Jay C. Percell, Ed. D., is an associate professor in the School of Teaching and Learning at Illinois State University. He teaches literacy and technology integration across the secondary curriculum and serves as the faculty liaison for the ISU Secondary Professional Development School. His research interests include assessment and grading practices, educational technology, and digital literacy.

In this episode of Learner-Centered Spaces we talk with Jay about making our classrooms dynamic and multifaceted. He describes how he models an alternative grading system for the teachers in his own classes and empowers each of us to “shake it up!” Having taught abroad, Jay also unpacks cultural differences in perceptions of grading.

Finally, Jay reminds us that before we make changes in our classrooms, we should come back to what we believe is best for our students and what is authentic to our own philosophies about teaching. When our actions are aligned with our intentions, we’ll be the most effective teachers we can be.

Jay recommends following Dr. Lance Huffman and Robyn Seglem to learn more about creating Learner-Centered Spaces.

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Connect with Jay here:

Twitter: Jay C. Percell

Email: jaycpercell@gmail.com

School email: jpercel@ilstu.edu

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