“Ask yourself, ‘Am I just here to spray and pray? Or am I here to ensure that my students become the learners they are meant to be?'”

Our conversation with Charles Williams was inspiring. Charles acknowledges how scary it is to operate within a learner-centered space, where teacher don’t know where they might end up. At the same time, he encourages us to slow down, get to know our learners, and take chances. We talk about the importance of detailed and careful feedback for personalizing learning as well as the changes we need to make to assessment in order for us to provide such feedback.

More about Charles

Charles Williams has served as an educator for nearly 20 years as a teacher, an assistant principal, and a principal for students in grades K-12. He also serves as an equity advocate with the Equity Offices of the City of Chicago and the Chicago Public Schools. As a reflection of his dedication to doing this important work, Charles also hosts “The Counter Narrative Podcast” and co-hosts an edushow called “Inside the Principal’s Office.” Through his consulting company, he is a best-selling author and a highly sought after workshop facilitator and keynote speaker.

Charles invites us all to broaden our learning communities by finding our edu-heroes, not just edu-celebrities. Seek out the educators that have value for you, those who are challenging conceptions and ideas, not just those with lots of followers. Not sure where to start? Follow Charles! You can find him on Twitter and Instagram @_cwconsulting. You can also learn more from Charles by listening to his podcast, “The Counter Narrative” or reading his book, “Inside the Principal’s Office: A Leadership Guide to Inspire Reflection and Growth“.

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