Laying the Groundwork for the 1st Five Days

August is a turning point in the summer. Generally, July is a relax and not-think-about-school month, (excluding conferences and writing, but usually not working specifically on school), where I decompress and give myself time.

Once August rolls around (in NY school starts after Labor day), I know it is time to start the process of gearing up for an exciting new school year.

The first five days of school are critical to establishing rapport and developing crucial relationships that will mark the tone and success of the year.

As educators, we can plan and prepare to make sure these days come off well.

Here are some tips for walking into school ready:

Rest up and get ready because being in school is a great adventure, but it does take a lot of work. Being ready and relaxed makes it easier to be successful.

What is your ritual for getting ready to go back to school to lay the groundwork for a great new year? Please share

This article was originally posted on Starr Sackstein’s EdWeek Blog. 

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