Dr. Cory Steiner is currently the Superintendent of the Northern Cass School District for the past 9 years. He has been an administrator for 17 years. In his current role, he has worked with a dedicated and passionate group of educators to shift their entire system to personalized competency-based learning.

He has served on the Governor’s Task Force on Innovation which has challenged North Dakota’s education system to think differently. During this past year, Northern Cass was a finalist for the Yass Prize and they received $500,000 to develop a Full-Service Community School. Dr. Steiner believes every learner can change the world; therefore, we must provide a world-class education. It is a moral imperative we change our educational system to one which is uncompromisingly learner-centered.

In this episode, we talk to Cory about how a “Portrait of a Learner” can help us better understand our students and a paint a fuller picture of who they are as scholars.

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