Enthusiastically Written and Shared By Jessica Claasse, educator at BEIS

Mastery portfolio was introduced to me on the verge of a grading meltdown. I am not sure if that is even a thing.

But let’s call it what it is- Grading sucks.

If I have to turn the seconds of sleep that I have lost over grading and grading conferences, into dollars, I would be the queen of retirement.


Nothing is worse than grading a child on a system that does not reflect the actual grade of the child, and then the cherry on top – you have to write a little, emphasis on little, note in the report card explaining that grade. Writing this down sounds more impossible than saying it out loud.

As an ELA teacher, it was my worst nightmare. I just couldn’t explain the grade in 3 lines.

And then… like heaven coming down on earth… 

Teachonomy together with MasteryPortfolio saved this wreck.

Let me tell you in a nutshell what they do. And of course what you will do.

Now some of you will say… “ugh not another thing to learn.”

Oh no dear friend… oh no… completely the opposite. This will make your life as sweet as a donut in a candy factory! The angels from Mastery Portfolio take you by the hand and they never leave you. Never leave you: A thorough introduction. Sending them your standards. Boom.

Your work – Adding assignments, clicking standards, and playing the piano. I love it! Your grades are simplified into four sections (it’s actually customizable and your mastery scale can be anything you need or want it to be), and color-coded! My portfolio looks like a rainbow! Grading is actually fun.

As soon as your assignments and standards are in… it’s playtime! Really. I promise.

Want to fine-tune your standards? Add some spice? Adding your own custom standards is easier than eating ice cream. It’s the most simplified grading system I know. And I will never go back.

Like throwing confetti- green for you, yellow for you… and pink for you… no thinking. No calculating. No wondering. Just bloop, bleep, blop. DONE. Then with the press of a button… you have a report card that looks and sounds better than the speech of the Space President of Lala Land.

Your students know exactly the 5 w’s and 1 h of his/ her trimester.

Bonus– your parents are on the same page as you. With no extra work. Need I even say anything else to convince you that your grading nightmare is turned into a whimsical dream!

Does this sound like something that would be helpful for your school? Click here to schedule a call with a Mastery Learning expert.

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